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Soda Steve's Mission Blend

This blend was developed with Steve Pool, ACF Certified Chef, and fearless leader of Soda Steve's and Fin and Feather Dining at beautiful Lake Tenkiller in eastern Oklahoma. Now you can enjoy the coffee he serves in his restaurants at home and feel great that a portion of the proceeds supports Missions Steve participates in every year! Premium coffees from Africa, Colombian, and Brazil comprise this smooth low noted coffee that you will enjoy in the morning or late at night with your favorite desert. It is one of our favorites!

House Blend

A full-flavored cup offering pleasant acidity through sparkling
high tones. Balanced with just a hint of smokiness giving body for that desirable finish.
12 oz.

Ethiopian Shegitu

Ethiopian Shegitu is not a coffee that is grown in one area. It is a blend of 3 out of 4 origins depending on the availability of top quality coffee and prepared very carefully. It's a sun dried natural coffee produced by small shareholders. Typically you'll find sweet wild blueberry notes reminiscent of eating a bowl of fruity pebbles! 12 oz

Dark Roast

Sumatran coffee beans, well known for their full-bodied taste and powerful aroma, are combined with lively, snappy beans from Latin America to give this coffee its pleasant nutty aroma and chocolate after-tones.
12 oz.

Colombian Decaf

Made from 100% Colombian beans, it offers a sweeter aromatic taste while being livelier than what is typically found in the decaffeinated category.
12 oz.

100% Colombian

One of the world's best known coffees with a rich aroma, lively body, and sweet taste profile. 12 oz.