Our Coffees

Fresh Roasted Henderson Coffee

House Blend: Our house blend is designed with the Midwest coffee drinker in mind. Its smooth taste profile is very satisfying to a large segment of this population. It is hard to drink just one cup as it invites one to continue enjoying the experience from the first sip. We always encourage long term coffee drinkers who typically add creamer or sugar to try the House blend straight up because we believe its best characteristics will be discovered without masking the taste.

Sunrise Blend: This blend was designed to satisfy a coffee drinker that wants a little more strength and mouth feel than the house blend drinker. This blend stands up well to the addition of cream and sugar and will still deliver a recognizable coffee note even with these additions.

Dark Roast Blend: Let's face it. A certain large chain is influencing the taste buds of many coffee drinkers. Although in the specialty coffee shops they typically sell twice as much milk as coffee, many coffee drinkers' palates are gravitating to a darker roasted coffee as well as brewing weight 2 to 3 times the typical weights. We designed this blend with the Midwest dark roast drinker in mind. Although, not as heavy as those blends you may find with the West Coast and European influence, we believe most coffee drinkers of this cloth will enjoy the smooth characteristics that allow you to enjoy this coffee with or without heavy cream!

100% Colombian: Every coffee company has to have one and we believe ours is one of the best! Colombian coffees represent one of the best and well known single origin bean coffees in the world. Enjoy! Colombian Decaf: Some folks can't handle the caffeine and for those we have this great tasting cup to satisfy their coffee craving!

Other Fresh Roasted Coffee

Lavazza Italian Coffees: Roasted exclusively in Italy, these coffees are slow roasted creating a flavor profile that satisfies the palates of top chefs everywhere. Experience these coffees in your favorite espresso based drinks or the smooth profile their drip coffee.

Concentrate Coffee

Liquid Concentrate Coffee: What used to be avoided at all cost has come a long way and we believe ours has come the farthest. Unlike other popular brands of liquid coffee that are frozen and have to be thawed before serving, our liquid coffee is shelf stable which doesn't require refrigerated storage. On demand coffee allows for high volume delivery with limited labor and waste can be utilized in many applications i.e. banquet, casinos, nursing homes.

China Mist Premium Brands

We serve as the exclusive distributor of the premium China Mist Traditional and Flavored Iced Teas, and Leaves Hot Teas throughout much of our territory. These excellent products are featured by some of the most prominent fine dining, hotel, and country club establishments in Oklahoma.

China Mist Premium Iced Tea: China Mist did not become the #1 premium iced tea by accident, ask Chef's at some of the best known restaurants in the country. Their traditional china black tea exhibits wonderful taste attributes that cannot be matched by teas from other regions. Try this one without lemon or sugar and you will be hooked! China Mist flavored iced teas are truly unique. One taste and you will recognize the difference. Instead of flavoring that overpowers the tea, you will experience a great tea flavor enhanced with flavor and designed to compliment specific cuisines.

Leaves Hot Teas: If you were choosing a hot tea program wouldn't you want one that was developed with teas chosen by the President of the Specialty Tea Institute who certifies tea smiths all over the world. Leaves hot teas are just that. Your customers will love them and with the momentum tea is building due to its association with many health benefits, you can't afford not to participate in this hot trend!

Quick Serve Cappuccinos & Hot Chocolate: Our many flavors of Cappuccino combined with our unique Coffee Shots program provides our convenience store customers a specialty coffee shop drinks that they can offer their customers at a fraction of the price. With everyone competing to get the morning traffic, we want our customers to WIN!

Henderson House Iced Tea: Our customers continually receive complements on our house tea. Its smooth taste profile and beautiful red color invites you to drink it, and when you do, enjoyable is a word that comes to mind.

True Leaves: Made from real tea and packaged with the fewest preservatives in the liquid tea industry, you will be hard pressed to distinguish this one from fresh brewed. Similar to liquid coffee there are applications that make executing an excellent brewed tea program impossible.  True Leaves is the solution. A consistent, no waste iced tea program with economics similar to your fountain drinks.

Roy's Lemonade: Drink this and you will understand why not all lemonades are created equal. Roy has developed a truly premium lemonade and we are proud to be the exclusive distributor in this region. Add a DaVinci Infusion Strawberry, Raspberry, or Mango syrup and serve the best flavored lemonade in the business.

Gorilla Chilla Frozen Drinks: This frozen drink program has proven over the long term that it works. Economics that provide for 12 oz retails under $1.00 attract a large segment of a convenience stores customer base. 10 great fruit flavors ensure you can keep the program enticing for your customers.

Aspen Ice: This Mocha and Vanilla frozen drink will compete favorably against any you will find in Specialty Coffee Shops and it keeps the customers coming back to your store!

Flour Products and Dairy Alternative Our mixes are quickly becoming preferred in many restaurants. Easy to use, great tasting, and durable make them a natural choice. Our dairy alternative product uses a milk substitute in many cooking applications, tastes great and typically costs 50% less than using milk.

Meat Bases: When using a meat base that permeates your recipes it pays to use high quality. Our Henderson branded meat bases win taste tests regularly. With granular, paste, and meat first options we have the base quality for your recipes.